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Tyres provide the only contact point between your bike and the terrain so tyre selection makes all the difference to your ride - choose from our selection and improve your grip

Giant Sport 27.5 Mountain Bike Tyres


Giant P-SLX2 Mixed-Terrain Tyres


Giant P-RX2 Mixed Terrain Tyres


Giant P-SLR 2 Road Tyre (Folding)


Giant Gavia SLR 1 Tubeless 255g Road Tyr...


Giant Gavia SL 1 Tubeless 300g Road Tyre...


Giant P-SLR 1 Road Tyre (Folding)


Giant P-SL 2 Road Tyre (Folding)



Giant Sycamore S Gravel Tyre

€19 - €22 €22

Crosscut Gravel 2 Tubeless Tyre


Giant P-SL 2 AC All Condition Road Tyre ...


Giant P-R3 AC All Condition Road Tyre


Giant S-R3 AC All Condition Road Tyre